Managing between designers, producers, and logistics to serve our clients

Futura Trade is for people who think to get their own style from the producers. Our designers work from the basic principle that it isn’t picky to want something to be perfect. For us, the closest we will ever get to perfect is in the world we have around us. The harmonious relationship between the elements inspires us. It keeps us grounded and our heads clear. So, that’s why we keep things simple. 

Our approach

Our value is that we make things quickly. At Futura Trade, we make things right.

At first step we define what client needs, then we verify quickly how does we fit in his expectation, as on brand or material request, as on price and time schedule. After we meet the agreement, we produce the specification and contract, and preorder the furniture or lighting or other requested goods. After we are noticed an readiness of production, we conclude the order and ship the goods to our clients over our logistic partners. At the end, when it needs, we send our team to compose and set up the furniture at loco.

Our goal is reached, when the clients are fully sutisfied!